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Psychological Assessment

This strategy focuses on having the right people in the organisation making the right decisions and delivering quality work for sustainability, while also emphasising personal development and selecting employees strategically to minimise risks.

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Survey Design, Implementation, and Analysis

This strategy involves analysing leadership effectiveness, workplace dynamics, and employee well-being to proactively improve the workplace, manage human risks, provide feedback to individuals about their effectiveness and impact, and implement initiatives for achieving a high-performance culture.


Individual and Team Coaching

This strategy focuses on developing leaders, individuals, and teams to inspire and engage others, while also supporting employees in building resilience, achieving work-life integration, and improving performance, ultimately leading to balanced team dynamics, shared accountability, and strong interpersonal relationships.

Development Workshops

This strategy involves implementing and internalising initiatives that address development needs, equipping individuals with skills to enhance personal wellness, resilience, self-efficacy, and leadership qualities, while also fostering teams with robust interdependence and the ability to effectively handle workplace challenges.

Competency Framework Design

This strategy establishes a validated blueprint for performance excellence within the organisation, providing a foundation for essential people processes such as performance management and talent development, while also promoting a common understanding of required competencies and behaviours for successful role performance and career progression, along with agreed benchmarks for fair and objective measurement.

Transition/Change Management

This strategy involves implementing organisational change through a structured transformation process that boosts people performance and creates a change-fit workforce, where the workforce develops internal strategies for change management by understanding typical responses to change and sharing their experiences, fostering acceptance, support, and appreciation within teams.

Talent Management

This strategy focuses on establishing a holistic methodology to effectively select, retain, and develop people who possess the necessary abilities, attitudes, and potential to enhance organisational performance, while ensuring individuals and line managers have a shared understanding of performance expectations, enabling goal achievement, optimal utilisation of capabilities, and identification and support of growth areas, all within the framework of comprehensive job profiles aligned with the goals and needs of the organisation.

Strategy Design, Development and Execution

This strategy involves leaders collaboratively establishing the organisation's purpose, vision, goals, and action plans, while individuals gain a clear understanding of the strategy and their role in achieving organisational goals through active participation in strategy execution, supported by the appointment of strategic project teams to leverage diverse skills and prevent duplication of effort.


Action Research

This strategy focuses on implementing context-specific interventions informed by collaborative scientific study and theory, resulting in improved people risk management, ROI, employee engagement, and well-being, while establishing a culture of continuous inquiry and reflective practice for systematic improvement in the organisational/team environment.

Predictive Research

This strategy involves analysing data to forecast employee success factors, creating internal benchmarks, and implementing talent management practices based on verified people analytics, resulting in improved person-job-environment fit, increased employee performance, optimal team composition, and sustainable performance.

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