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About JVR Consulting

We are psychology professionals who provide context-specific & appropriate solutions to assist people to engage and move towards performance excellence.

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We promote work-related well-being and proactive people risk management with the use of various diagnostic tools, which assist us in designing and delivering behaviour-based interventions.

JVR Consulting Psychologists (JVRC) has been partnering with clients to design and deliver context specific and appropriate people solutions as an independent company in the JVR Africa Group, for more than a decade. We offer a full range of consulting solutions of which the use of assessments most often forms part of.

With more than 16 years of expertise in the JVR Africa Group, and together with our local and global network of partners and associates, JVR Consulting Psychologists (JVRC) is at the forefront of providing clients with sound people investment propositions. Our client base spans across a range of industries with a national and global footprint, SME’s, government entities and not-for-profit organisations.

What we do

Organisational Excellence is driven by the level of congruence between key organisational factors. The JVRC Organisational Congruence Model illustrates that synergy is only achieved when appropriate attention is given to understanding and managing the interaction between the elements that form part of the contextual reality of any company – strategy, structure, and people, and supporting it with effective leadership and a healthy culture.

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How we do it

  • We work with our clients, acknowledging that they are the foremost authorities on their requirements.

  • We utilise an action research approach, focusing on knowledge in action with the aim to solve the issue at hand and generate new knowledge to capitalise on.

  • We use scientific methods to ensure a strong foundation of evidence in our work.

  • We employ qualified, experienced and innovative professionals to engage effectively with our clients and to yield successful client outcomes.

  • We translate the intangible, psychological aspects of work into meaningful business solutions that can be implemented and measured.

Work with us

Our vision

Transforming people performance through strategic, innovative and sustainable consulting solutions.

  • add value for, and with, our clients

  • be a preferred partner

  • be an employer of choice

  • grow a healthy, sustainable business

Our values drive the way we do things at JVR and we seek to live and share these values in our everyday practice.

Delight clients

Excellence, quality and consistent high standards.

Be ethical

Do the right thing.

True collaboration

Alignment, honest, solution focussed.

Accountable action

We take responsibility.

Agile approach

Fleet-footed, flexible entrepreneurial mindset.

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