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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, Preschool-2 (CELF-Preschool 2)

Identifies and evaluates language deficits in pre-school going children.

The CELF-Preschool 2 is a practical, efficient clinical tool used to identify, diagnose, and evaluate language deficits in children ages 3 to 6 years. Individually administered, this assessment provides a flexible, multi-perspective process for pinpointing a child's language and communication strengths andweaknesses, and for making relevant intervention and accommodation recommendations.


The CELF-Preschool 2 consists of seven subtests that assesses both expressive and receptive language skills, namely:

  • Sentence Structure

  • Word Structure

  • Expressive Vocabulary

  • Concepts and Following Directions

  • Recalling Sentences

  • Basic Concepts and

  • Word Classes

There are also four supplementary subtests that can be used to provide additional information about the child’s language skills outside of the testing situation:

  • Recalling Sentences in Context

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Pre-Literacy Rating Scale

  • Descriptive Pragmatics Profile


The CELF-Preschool 2 may beused by practitioners in educational settings to help:

  • Diagnose and classify language disorders in pre-schoolers

  • Develop successful intervention plans

  • Describe children’s language use at school and home (with the pragmatics profile)


Although the CELF-Preschool 2 can be hand-scored, a scoring assistant software can also be used to provide the practitioner with a Summary Report.

The Summary Report: provides practitioners with the child’s core language score,receptive and expressive language index scores, language context and structure index scores, standard scores, percentile ranks and growth scores.


Although South African research and norms are not yet available for the CELF-Preschool 2, JvR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients in conducting research studies in their organisations.

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Age range

Individuals ages 3 - 6 years

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Not specified


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Eleanor Semel, EdD, Elisabeth H. Wiig, PhD, Wayne A. Secord, PhD


Pearson, All rights reserved.

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