We’re here to help human resource and psychology professionals provide better insights to their clients through the use of psychometric assessments and people analytics.

Some Of The Assessments We Distribute

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Our Offering

Psychological Assessment

Industrial and Organisational Clinical and Counselling Educational Neuropsychological, Medical and Forensic Occupational Therapy

Scoring & Management

Client Services can assist you in scoring assessments, generating reports and supporting you in project managing large scale assessments.

Research Services

Are you confident in the quality of the tests that you are using & can you prove a business case for using psychometric assessments?

Literature Searches

We help you find scholarly articles and provide you with a citations list of articles available from a wide variety of publishers.

Accreditation & CPD

Earn your CPD points through Accreditation trainings, Application Workshops, free DVD Sessions and Discussion Groups.

JvR Online

Whether you need to select or develop individuals in your own company or for a client, JvR Online is a self-managed portal that is extremely easy to setup and manage.