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Career Values Scale (CVS)

Work | Values | Organisational Development

The Career Values Scale (CVS) assists individuals in gaining insightful information about their work values, preferences and needs. This is fundamental for anybody in order to achieve their personal goals and overall job satisfaction. The CVS will assist an individual to establish organisational and personal fit based on their core values,  which has been proven to promote productivity and individual success within the organisational environment.


The CVS is sub-divided into three factors and ten scales:

  • Working with Others: Service Orientation, Team Orientation, Influence
  • Self-Expression: Creativity, Independence, Excitement, Career Development
  • Extrinsic Rewards:Financial Rewards, Security, Prestige


The CVS can be used for the following purposes:

  • Career directions
  • Individual development


The Career  Values  Report provides a graphic overview of a client’s values, examines  sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and has exercises to help the focus on achieving a balanced career.


South African research is available for the CVS, with a South African norm supplement published in 2018.  JVR  Psychometrics  also  welcomes  the  opportunity  to partner  with  clients in  conducting research.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 15 years and older

Administration time

15 minutes (88 items)

Comparison group


Language availability

English and French

Scoring options

User Portal/JvR Online/Data-capturing by Client Services

Integrated report options


Additional info

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