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Basic Traits Inventory (BTI)

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The Basic Traits Inventory(BTI) is an easy to use, easy to understand personality inventory that has been developed in South Africa in order to assess the Big Five factors of personality.


The BTI includes the following scales:

  • Openness to Experience: Aesthetics, Ideas, Actions, Values and Imagination
  • Conscientiousness: Effort, Order, Prudence, Self-Discipline and Dutifulness
  • Extraversion: Ascendance, Gregariousness, Excitement-Seeking, Liveliness and Positive Affectivity
  • Agreeableness: Straightforwardness, Compliance, Tender-mindedness, Prosocial Tendencies and Modesty
  • Neuroticism: Depression, Anxiety, Affective Instability and Self-Consciousness


The BTI can be used for the following purposes:

  • Careercounselling
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Individual development and counselling
  • Research


The following software reports are available:

  • BTI Individual Profile Report: This report provides T-Scores and Stanines onfactors and facets, as well as descriptions of all scales.
  • BTI Competency Report: Thisreport provides competency scores derived fromthe BTI scales.
  • BTI Package: This includes the Individual Profile Report and Competency Report


The BTI is a South African-developed product.   Professionals can choose between using General, Police,  Student or Adolescent norms.  It has been well-researched in the South African context and has been demonstrated to work effectively across cultures and language groups.   Research on the relationship between  the BTI scales and  emotional intelligence competencies, perceived career barriers, team culture, individualism and collectivism, willingness to attend HIV counselling, anger expression and driver safety in the South African context is available.

Basic info



Age range

Individuals 14 years and older

Administration time

30 - 40 minutes (193 items)

Comparison group

SA Norms

Language availability

English and Afrikaans

Scoring options

JvR Online/Data Capturing by Client Services

Integrated report options


Additional info

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