Who Are We

Who Are We?

We’re here to help human resource and psychology professionals provide better insights to their clients through the use of psychometric assessments and people analytics.

The use of Psychometric assessments has become entrenched in corporate, educational, clinical, forensic and other contexts, because of its ability to improve our insight and decision-making when it matters. If good judgment in the choice and combination of assessments is used your clients may experience many benefits, including:

Higher levels of job performance and engagement through better staffing and development decisions
Better information on which to base interventions and processes.
Higher levels of self awareness among staff – a basic requirement of effective teams, managers and leaders.
Risk management in key positions with regards to, for instance, integrity or impulsivity.
Reduced employee turnover

HR directors, Learning and Development managers, Assessment directors, Researchers, Educational Psychologists, Clinicians and other assessment users trust us to:

  • Source the best psychological assessments available nationally and internationally.
  • Conduct research with those assessments to ensure their validity, reliability and legal compliance in our African context.
  • Provide high quality, efficient and personal support to you as you need it.