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Emotional Intelligence impacts academic performance (Upcoming EQ-i Youth MasterClass)

Posted on: 15 November 2021 at 13:59 SAST

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In this 1-hour online MasterClass you will learn:


  • How to use the EQ-i Youth in groups, and still make it relevant to individual participants.
  • How to interpret the EQ-i Youth using real-life examples and case studies.
  • Practical tips on using the EQ-i Youth in various contexts (groups/individuals; socio-economic; application areas).
  • How to pair the EQ-i Youth with other assessments for greater insights


Join us at our first-ever EQ-i Youth MasterClass event hosted via Zoom on 25 November 2021, 16:00-17:00



  • EQ-i Youth certified professionals
  • EQ-i 2.0 certified professionals who would like to learn more about the EQ-i Youth
  • Eligible professionals working with Emotional Intelligence in the youth context, who would like to know more about the EQ-i Youth before getting certified.


Attendees will also get:

  • Group profile report framework – useful for handling group results.
  • EQ-i Youth marketing video – useful for introducing the EQ-i Y to parents and teachers.


Download the event flyer.   


CLICK HERE to register on ZOOM



Learn more about the EQi Youth assessment and certification.

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